Protect phpBB forum from spammers

Quick test:

  1. Are you a forum admin like myself?
  2. Do you receive shitloads of phony user account creation requests daily?
  3. Do these requests include a porn link in applicants’ web profile?

If you answered ‘yes’ to at least two of the above questions, you’re probably going mad right now.

If you’re going to keep phpBB as your web forum solution, may i recommend the following add-ons:


  • phpBB v3.0 is coming up soon; will be a major overhaul to upgrade from v2.x but will be more secure.
  • Simple Machines Forums : updatable, modular, secure; can migrate phpBB data to SMF (what I used for PD boards)

With that said, happy posting/moderating/banning 😀

*Pesky russian pornsters!!*

Auteur/autrice : Julien Coquet

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