How to embed DataStudio reports in Web pages

You will be happy to learn that you can now embed DataStudio reports into your web pages.
If, like me, you are a Google Data Studio junkie/power user, you may have felt frustrated by the lack of report embedding and integration into websites such as intranets.

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How can I handle Google Analytics referrer spam?

google analytics logo 2016 julien coquetSo I recently got dragged into multiple discussions about Google Analytics referrer spam and ways to effectively block it so that report data is clean and that channel attribution makes sense. In this (long) post, I’d like to share a method I’ve put together to exclude Google Analytics referrer spam, which requires enlisting the help of Google Tag Manager. Continue reading “How can I handle Google Analytics referrer spam?”

Small visual upgrade for Google Analytics

This just in and not yet published on the official blog:

Google Anaytics redesigned the grey boxes with access to filters and user management. they also threw in an option to directly add a new profile.
Click thumbnail below for full size image:
New Google Analytics bottom menu

I for one find it more user friendly and more visible.

On another note, Google is trying harder to plug their Website Optimizer tool for multivariate testing

google website optimizer

Enjoy! 🙂