Google Analytics eCommerce: upload product data with Google Sheets

In this post, I will show you how to streamline your eCommerce tracking implementation and upload product data to Google Analytics.
From a remote CSV file.
Over Google Sheets.

Sounds good? Here we go!

TL;DR: I have a Github project to help you upload product data for Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce via the API

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Google Universal Analytics Cheat Sheet – Measurement Protocol Parameters

Google Universal Analytics Cheat SheetHere is a Google Universal Analytics Cheat Sheet to help you make sure you use the right parameters to track data on your websites and mobiles apps!

Working on Hub’Scan means I need to master every single aspect of Google Universal Analytics data collection. This means I get to maintain an accurate, updated list of parameters for the 500+ tags in the Hub’Scan library.
Don’t get me wrong, there are Google Universal Analytics cheat sheets out there but they are not complete and the official Google reference does not provide a list of all parameters.


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Tracking your dog with GPS and Google Universal Analytics

After posting on Google+ about my blog post on the measurement of offline stores with Google Universal Analytics, I got a dare by user Damion Brown from Melbourne, Australia, to track what his dog was doing using a similar method.

Damion: I’m sorry, mate. I’m afraid I have bad news and good news.

  • The bad news is: I don’t own a dog so I’m not sure as to what I’d want to track.
  • The good news is: I can give you pointers on how to do it. I have done enough tinkering in the last 2 weeks so I’ll let by blog readers do it this time around. You guys get to test (and prove) the concept yourself!

In this experiment, you will attempt the following: track your dog’s location (in 5 minute increments), in relationship to your house, with Google Universal Analytics.

I have a few ideas about that and I’ll be sharing them after the jump.

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(not provided) is here to stay – deal with it

Google logo

If you work in digital analytics or SEO, by now you’ve heard about the web tracking phenomenon that is (not provided).

Since the end of 2011, Google has implemented measures to respect the privacy of Internet users on the words and expressions they use on its search engine. Specifically, Google is gradually switching searches to secure mode (SSL / HTTPS) and no longer passes referrer information to the search result website, which means that keyword information is lost.

As of now you can still know the source and medium (Google organic search), but the keyword is replaced with a useless “(not provided)” label.

The impact for marketing and SEO agencies seems enormous. Entire business models based on Google search could collapse.

Or could they?

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Move to

Hi folks,

for those of whose you followed my English posts on the now defunct OX2/LBi web analytics blog, this my new online home.

The personally-branded domain name just makes more sense, and using my own hosting means I can customize this platform just the way I like it 😉

Feel free to leave a comment and drop a note!