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MeasureCamp Faro 2019 - Awesome first edition! - Le blog de Julien Coquet
MeasureCamp Faro

Hi folks, I just got back from the first ever edition of MeasureCamp Faro, in Portugal. As you may know, I’m a regular on the MeasureCamp unconference circuit.

What is an unconference you ask? It’s essentially a knowledge exchange environment with no pre-arranged schedule. Participants show up and can decide to present on analytics-related topics.

In short, MeasureCamp does away with the format and conventions of usual conferences and allows you to acquire more hands-on experience than anywhere else 😎

Of course, I’m partial to Portugal, having learned Portuguese during my language studies so it was a great occasion to practice!

We had a smaller than usual audience compared to other editions but participants were super motivated 🤩
Among the participants were quite a few contacts I’ve made in the industry over the years and it all feels very much like a family gathering.

I took the opportunity to run two presentations, updated for 2019 from their original versions; one on best practices on how to get a digital analytics project off the ground quickly; one on Tag Management and its limitations.

The networking portion of MeasureCamp Faro was of course tremendously enhanced by the “vacation” setting in Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal, also known as Portuguese Riviera (links below).

See you next year?

The answer is a resounding YES as far as I’m concerned! 🙂

Thanks again to the organizers, to the sponsors and to the University of Algarve!

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Download my MeasureCamp Faro presentations

The presentations are available in PDF format: