Hi folks, get ready for more Raspberry Pi and Google Universal Analytics goodness 🙂

As you’ll see, I had a little spare time on my hands, so I shot a screencast on how to capture system events such as boot, reboot and shutdown sequences in Google Universal Analytics (UA). This can be useful when using UA for performance monitoring.

Because you’ve read my other posts on the subject of Google Universal Analytics and Raspberry Pi credit-card-sized computers and because I love the little thingies, here is more, but this times it’s more hands-on.

The video is available here or after the jump.

*Do* try this at home! Of course you can adapt this to your Un*x box (Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, etc.). Folder locations may vary so please read the friendly manual.

Code example

Download the Raspberry Pi Server Activity tracking with Google Universal Analytics sample file and remove the .txt extension before you run it on your box.

As always, constructive criticism is welcome in comments below, you know the drill 😉