Why you need to educate your customers…

… even when they’re not technical at heart!

The illustrations below depict a situation I have already run into: when you leave your customers and stakeholders hanging without clear knowledge of where or how to get reports, you get yourself sucked into situations when you have to juggle between common sense and political correctness.

Maddox and reporting 1/4

Maddox and reporting 2/4

Maddox and reporting 3/4

Maddox and reporting 4/4

Sounds familiar? 😉

Remember kids, automated reports that land directly in your mailbox are better than having customers go into the reporting interface to get them themselves.
Caveat: reserve this approach for the handful of reports you helped your customer define based on his KPIs.

Thanks to Maddox and his Best Page in the Universe. Apparently he ran into the same situation and decided to vent his anger 🙂

Why you need to educate your customers… was last modified: May 13th, 2014 by Julien Coquet

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